Custom Made Lighting Towers

Custom Made Lighting Towers

Custom Made Lighting Sales

As Lighting Towers Australia manufacture our products, we have the capabilities to customise lighting towers to meet your site needs. We have a range of options to make your lighting towers one of a kind and make sure they meet your price and specifications, no matter how high or low spec is required.

Light Type

Choose between LED or halogen lights to light up your site. LED lights feature the newest technology and are therefore more efficient and will be brighter for longer. Halogen lights will be a more cost efficient solution in the short term.

Brightness of Lighting Tower

Depending on the amount of lumens required, you can select how many heads you need for your lighting tower to produce more light. This will also affect the spread of light which can be represented on a plot chart depending on how direct the light needs to be and how many lumens is required at a distance.

Power your Lighting Tower

Select how your lighting towers will be powered with the options including solar, diesel or dual power hybrid. Solar powered lighting towers cost almost nothing to run and require little maintenance to have a long lifespan. When selecting diesel or hybrid engines, the size of the engine comes into consideration for how fuel efficient and how long the lighting tower can run for.

Electricity Type

Select DC power for your solar or diesel lighting tower for a low voltage power source. The lower voltage will reduce the maintenance cost as the lighting towers won’t need to be tested and tagged every 3 months like AC lighting towers are required to meet Australian Standards.

Weight of Lighting Tower

For ease of transportation, we can ensure that your lighting towers weigh under 2 ton so that they can be trailered behind a standard car. Heavier lighting towers may benefit from our internal transport division who can move lighting towers anywhere in Australia, no matter how remote of location.

Lighting Tower Technology

Receive lighting towers that feature the latest technology in remote capabilities. This includes remote stop starting, remote monitoring and GPS tracking on all lighting towers to ensure you use it efficiently at your site, even if you are not near the machines.