Lighting Tower Services

Upgrade your Lighting Tower

Did anyone inform you that halogen light depletes when you brought your halogen lighting towers?

Producing clear light when brand new, halogen lights lose up to 50% light deficiency within the first 12 month period. Now with the latest technology, LED lighting has become more popular because over its lifespan will only ever lose 5% efficiency.

Don’t be stuck with your old halogen lighting towers and convert them to LED today.

If you have an old halogen lighting tower, we can upgrade its system to utilise the best LED technology.

Doing this will make your portable lighting tower more fuel efficient as normally running halogen lights will use approximately 3 litres of fuel per hour as opposed to 1 litre per hour when using LED lights. If you are working on projects long term, this will be significant savings in running costs for your fleet.

New LED lights are reliable and long lasting, giving you at least another 10 years more life on your existing light tower.

Repaint your Lighting Tower

Make your lighting towers look brand new with a fresh coat of paint. We use the best paint available to ensure it lasts the test of time and that it can withstand the harshest of environments. Using enamel paint, the quality and longevity of the paint job will last the test of time when completed by our experienced painters.

When servicing or upgrading your lighting towers, adding a repaint to your services will make your equipment not only work like new but look new.

Lighting Tower Service

To increase the lifespan of your mobile lighting tower, you will need to get it regularly serviced. This can be carried out at our major branches across Australia or can be conducted onsite by one of our experienced remote service technicians.

Equipment like lighting towers need to be serviced as recommended by the manufacturer which can be between 250 – 500 hours of operation depending on the make. We recommended keeping up to date with the servicing of your lighting towers to make sure it continuously works efficiently.

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